Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Don't Mind Being called a "Bag Lady".

The old expression “necessity is the mother of invention” could not have been truer when I found myself as a 35-year veteran Realtor with an arm full of small, high tech essentials and no convenient place to keep them. I soon discovered that calling my own misplaced cell phone to find it was not an isolated problem--- but a universal one. I decided to create a wearable organizer to hold these small, easily misplaced electronic necessities. You could call it a “fashion tool belt” for multiple electronic items.
I named the product the PUP, (acronym for personal utility pouch). PUP website

I dusted off my 35-year-old college education in communications and marketing and went to work to promote it. All of my hard work paid off when my product was accepted by QVC--the nation's largest  shopping network.
I appeared on QVC 35 times in 18 months with sales totaling over $1.5 million dollars in its debut year. Now at 61, I'm a proud member of the fastest growing age group starting new businesses: Baby Boomers.
I’ve learned a lot during those 70 plus times of getting on and off a plane to promote my product: Here are my 7 top travel observations

1) I always wanted to travel -Ahh, be careful what you wish for as it may just come true

2) Flying is much easier when you're younger (and the seats are much larger too)

3) Don’t fly on three round trip flights in one week (which I did in order to appear on QVC).

4) Don’t fly during a hurricane. ( I did on several occasions)

5) Airports during peak vacation flying holidays like the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve are NOT for amateurs.

6) Just because you’ve “been there, done that” many, many times, don’t become oblivious to your surroundings. Important note to self-All gate shuttle trams may look the same but they go to different places. It’s a lesson that took 3 times for me to learn

7) You’ll know you are flying a lot when you realize you’re on a first name basis with the pilots.
All in all, even with roller coaster flights, missed planes and hours of seat kicking, screaming kids, I wouldn’t have missed the opportunity to fulfill my destiny to become a"Boomerpreneur".

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